JavaScript Unit Testing tools

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There are plenty of Unit testing tools available which lets the developers to test their JavaScript code easily.

In this article , we cover few of the popular JavaScript testing tools.

JavaScript Unit Testing tools


Karma has the tagline “Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript”. Karma is a very simple JavaScript Unit Testing tool which is built with node.JS.

Karma lets the developers to run tests from browser or headless with PhantomJS and lets the developers run the tests on multiple clients at once.

Know more about Karma here

YUI Yeti

YUI Yeti is a command line tool for launching JavaScript unit tests in a browser and reporting the results without leaving your system . It is built with node.JS.

Know more about YUI Yeti here


RhinoUnit is a ANT driven / based JavaScript testing framework . It is very small and includes some excellent features. It is simple to use and also supports js files.

Know more about RhinoUnit here


Buster.JS is a kind of browser JavaScript testing toolkit which does browser testing with browser automation. Some of the other features of Buster.JS includes the availability of the public API for almost everything related to it and the API following the JavaScript best practices very well.

Know more about Buster.JS here

Test Swarm

TestSwarm provides distributed continuous integration testing for JavaScript. TestSwarm is open source and supports all major browsers or operating systems

Know more about Test Swarm here


Another popular distributed JavaScript tool which works similar to TestSwarm and one of the best part of the JsTestDriver is the plugins available for Eclipse and IntelliJ and supports multiple JavaScript test frameworks

Know more about JsTestDriver here

Have you worked on any other interesting JavaScript Unit Testing tools ? Share them in the comment section.

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