Programming 101: Intro to Python at Los Angeles

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Null Space Labs is organising a paid event on "Programming 101: Intro to Python" on June 11 , 2015 from 2 PM to 5PM at Null Space Labs  , 4610 Valley Blvd STE F, Los Angeles, CA.

Learn all about programming with the easy-to-learn language: Python!

This is the first class in a series of programming essentials for anyone who is interested in hacking, programming, and software development.

The topics that are planned to be covered for the session includes

Why Python is Baller
+ Variables, Types, Declaration/Assignment & Type Conversion
+ Arithmetic operations
+ Bitwise operations
+ Conditionals/Branching
+ Loops
+ Functions
+ Standard Python Functions
+ Standard Python Libraries
+ Advanced Fun (if there is time/interest)
+ Method chaining
+ Loop comprehension
+ Function/class overloading

Know more about Programming 101: Intro to Python at Los Angeles and register at eventbrite page

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