Programming and working under pressure.

Published on May 17, 2013 by Kumar

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Last modified May 17, 2013

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There are times when you see that the programming team might end up working long hours and even stretch to work till 4-5 AM in the morning. There are also times when the team gets the job done quickly without much stress.

Having a healthy work pressure can be good but too much of pressure is not.

This may be case when someone run their own company and wants to meet the deadline and make the client happy.

Working late hours may be necessary at times but purely depends on the project and the domain or industry that the team is involved in.

Another aspect that can affect the amount of pressure could also be the team size where the workload can be shared evenly.

If the work pressure is too much and repeats regularly, another reason one could think of is the developers with less competency or management with unrealistic goals .

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  1. Other reasons may be also: techical debt, lack of tecnical management and mentoring, ilusion of work in a team, and much more. Inexperience and lack of knowledge, both domain and technical knowledge…all this is and more sw dev evils sre mascarade using overtime by developers. It’s so hard to understand that if devs are doing overtime, everyone involved failed and discusse open these evis and kill them?

    October 21, 2013 - 1:22 am – Reply

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