Visual C++ 14 Library Features in Visual Studio 2015 RC

Published on May 21, 2015 by Senthil Kumar

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Last modified May 21, 2015

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Below are some of the library features which are part of Visual C++ version 14 released along with Visual Studio 2015 RC.

Visual C++ 14 Library Features in Visual Studio 2015 RC

  • User-Defined Literals (UDLs) for Standard Library Types
  • File System “V3” Technical Specification
  • Dual-Range equal(), is_permutation(), mismatch()
  • Null Forward Iterators
  • quoted()
  • Minimal Allocators
  • Heterogeneous Associative Lookup
  • Compile-Time Integer Sequences
  • exchange()
  • get<T>()
  • tuple_element_t
  • <chrono>

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