5 Alternative ASP.NET MVC View Engines

If you a ASP.NET MVC Web developer , you would have noticed that by default ASP.NET MVC includes 2 View Engines “Razor View” and “ASPX View”.

In this article , we will explore other different View Engines(third party) available in ASP.NET.

5 Alternative ASP.NET MVC View Engines

1. Spark

Spark is a open source view engine for ASP.NET MVC projects as well as Castle MonoRail framework projects. This view engine is from the popular MVCContrib library.

Know more about Spark View Engine here

2. NHaml

NHaml is another View Engine and works like an replacement of inline page templating .

Know more about NHaml here

3. NDjango

NDjango is an implementation of Django Template Language using F#.

Know more about NDjango here

4. Hasic

Hasic is a ASP.NET View Engine that uses the VB.NET XML kind of literals.

Know more about Hasic here

5. Bellevue

Bellevue is another cool ASP.NET MVC View Engine that has the design goal which respects the HTML as first class language for ASP.NET View.

Know more about Bellevue here

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