How to clean up unused PowerPoint master slides in PowerPoint?

If you are one of the users using Microsoft Office 365, you would have come across this small feature in PowerPoint 365, especially on the Windows desktop clients, which shows up a pop-up when you have more than 25 unused slide masters in your PowerPoint slide. How to clean up unused PowerPoint master slides in PowerPoint? Your message will look something like this. “PowerPoint found…

How to create drop down list in Microsoft Excel ?

This article will explain how to create drop down list in Microsoft Excel. Drop down list is one of the most commonly used ways in excel to allow users to select the items from the predefined list . The drop down list in Excel allows the users to select only the valid entries. How to create drop down list in Microsoft Excel ? Follow the…

Popular Kanban Tools

Are you looking forward for the tools to manage Kanban? Below is the list of some of the popular Kanban tools. Popular Kanban Tools AgileZen Visual WIP HanSoft Lino Kanbanery KanbanPad Simple Kanban LeanKit Kanban TargetProcess Kanban Board Plugin SmartQ

Popular and Interesting Frameworks for Web Developers

There are plenty of frameworks that are getting released frequently which the Web developers can consume in their web applications . These frameworks automates the work that is common so that web developers can consume them instead of reinventing the wheel again. In this article , we will list out some of the popular and interesting frameworks which can be used by the web developers….

System Software – SIC/XE Program to Write a subroutine to read a record into a buffer

Problem Statement Write a subroutine for SIC/XE that will read a record into a buffer. The record may be any length from 1 to 100 bytes. The end of record is marked with a “null” character (ASCII code 00). The subroutine should place the length of the record read into a variable named LENGTH. Use immediate addressing and register-to-register instructions to make the process as…

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