C# Program – How to Calculate Age based on DateTime ?

In C#, you can calculate the age based on the datetime property by subtracting the number of years from today with the birthday year. We should also consider the Leap Year as needed. How to Calculate age based on DateTime of Birthday in C# ? Here’s a simple code snippet demonstrating how to do it. Output

How to Check Status of Current Thread in C# ?

This blog post will provide a simple tip on how you can find the status of the current thread in C# program. How to Check Status of Current Thread in C# ? The isAlive property can be used to check the current thread status in C#. First , get the instance of the current thread using the Thread.CurrentThread and then get the IsAlive property. Ensure…

Azure Q&A – Part 1

1. An Azure dashboard is stored as which type of file? Answer : JSON Azure dashboards are stored as JSON files, which allow them to be uploaded and downloaded to share with other members of the Azure directory. 2. Azure Advisor provides advice on which of these topics: Answer : Best practices and security for your services Azure Advisor is a free service built into…

15 Best ASP.NET based Content Management Systems(CMS)

ASP.NET is a Web Application development framework thats lets the developers to build dynamic web applications using .NET. In this article , we share 15 cool ASP.NET MVC based CMS (Content Management Systems) that you might find it useful. 15 Best ASP.NET based Content Management Systems(CMS) Orchard Progress Sitefinity Composite C1 Kentico CMS for ASP.NET DotNetNuke: CMS Content Management MojoPortal CMS  Kooboo CMS  Umbraco  Yendo…

REVIEW – Recover Excel Password with password-find Online

Forgetting passwords for an password protected excel or word document is one of the most common things that happens for a person. As long as the document is not that critical , it doesn’t matter , but there are times when you might want to recover the document that might contain important data. You can easily recover the passwords of the documents with some tools…

C Program to compare arrays

Problem Statement You need to write a program in C to compare two arrays of characters and display if they are equal or not. How to compare two arrays in C ?

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