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What is difference between ‘Name’ and ‘x:Name’ in Xaml ?

When working with a control in Xaml (WPF/Silverlight/Windows Phone /Windows Store App) , you will notice that for a control , there are 2 options to specify the name for the control . One using “Name” property and other using “x:Name” property. What is difference between ‘Name’ and ‘x:Name’ in Xaml ? Both the properties refer to the same item . We generally use x:Name…

What is XAML?

What is XAML? XAML is a language from Microsoft which stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language. It is a declarative language used specially for defining application user interfaces. It is XML based. Each XAML tag corresponds to a class in .NET Framework and the properties represent XML attributes. Eg: <Button> </Button> The above tag represents a button that is defined in the System.Windows.Controls.Button

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