How to Get the Developer License for Evaluating Windows Store Apps ?

One of the advantages that the Windows 8 developer license provides for the dvelopers is that it enables them to easily develop , test and then evaluate the Windows Store (code named “Metro”) App .

The Developer license is free and you can get it and later renew it via a Microsoft Account . Note that there is a diffrence between the store account and the developer account.

You can easily get the Developer License for Evaluating Windows 8 Apps by following the below steps

  • Run Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 .
  • If you are running it for the first time , you will be prompted with a Dialog to obtain developer license . “Click I Agree”. and also ok button in the UAC.
  • Normally , the developer License is valid up to 1 month from the day of obtaining the license . You can later renew it from the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 itself.
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