List of Tags used for XML Documentation Comments in C#

Following are the list of Tags that can be used for XML Documentation of your C# Sourcecode.

1. <c> – This is used to specify the description given within the <c> tag to be marked as code .

2. <code> – Indicate multiple lines of the description to be marked as code.

3. <example>  – specifies an example for the code

4. <exception> – specifies which exceptions can be thrown from a class.

5. <list> – use this to insert a table to the documentation .

6. <include> – Let you to refer to comments in another file.

7. <para> – Lets you add structure to the text and is generally used inside other tags like summary etc.

8. <param> – Define a parameter

9. <paramref> – Indicates the word in the code comments refers to a parameter.

10. <permission> – Indicates the access level of the member.

11. <remarks> – To include the description for the member.

12. <returns> – Used to indicate the retuen type of the member.

13. <summary> – Used to describe a type member.

14. <value> – Represents the value of the Property

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