Popular and Interesting Frameworks for Web Developers

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There are plenty of frameworks that are getting released frequently which the Web developers can consume in their web applications . These frameworks automates the work that is common so that web developers can consume them instead of reinventing the wheel again.

In this article , we will list out some of the popular and interesting frameworks which can be used by the web developers.

Popular and Interesting Frameworks for Web Developers


EnjoJS is a framework for the web designers and developers to build native quality HTML5 apps .EnjoJS is cross platform and targets all major platforms like phones , tablets , PCs and TVs. EnjoJS is open source and is free to use , It is available under the Apache 2 License.


Know more about EnyoJS at http://enyojs.com/


Kivy is a open source python library for the web developers for rapid application development of web applications . The library makes use of some of the innovative user interfaces. Kivy is cross platform and runs on Linux , Windows , Mac OSX , android and iOS .It is free to use and is available under an MIT license . It supports GPU acceleration where the engine is built over OpenGL EG2 using a modern and fast graphics pipeline.


Know more about Kivy and download Kivy from http://kivy.org/#home


Famous is a high performance JavaScript library for animations and interfaces . It is a open source framework for building smoother and clean interface for your devices.


Know more about Famous and download Famous from http://famous.org/


Kickoff is a open source lightweight front-end framework for creating websites that requires the features like scalability and the responsiveness. The current version of Kickoff is v5.0.0.


You can download Kickoff from http://trykickoff.github.io/index.html


Grails is a powerful Groovy based web application framework for the Java platform . It provides some of the features like integrated ORM , domain specific language , runtime , asynchronous programming etc.


Know more about Grails and download Grails from https://grails.org/


Spring is yet another framework that lets the developers build simple and portal JVM based applications that can run on different platforms.


Know more about Spring and download spring from http://spring.io/

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