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Java Program to display "Hello, World!"

Problem Write a program in Java to display “Hello, World!” on the screen. Java Program to display “Hello, World!” in Console Window. This is a simple Java program that displays “Hello, World!” on the console window. Output Hello, World!

Java – How to use Packages to organize code ?

Problem Statement You need to use packages in java to organize your code. Solution Your Java program might the following Classes Interfaces Enums Other types There are times when your program might grow larger including th number of java classes used. You might want to organize these source files to that it is easier to maintain and avoid other issues like class name conflicts. Inorder…

Java – How to document your code ?

Problem Statement You need to document your java classes so that it helps in maintenance. Solution Use Javadoc and place comments before any method , field or class to document. Just enter /** to start writing the comments using javadoc. The subsequent lines needs to begin with * and end the comment section with */ Below is a sample code demonstrating the usage of the…

Java – How to accept input from Keyboard ?

Problem Statement You need to accpet user input from the keyboard from your java program and display it in the command line. Solution Use the BufferedReader and InputStreamReader defined in the package to read the input data from keyboard and store it in a variable. The output of the above program is Enter data This is a test message from This is a…

Java – How to setup a Development Environment ?

Problem Statement You need to install java and start developing your first program. Additionally , you also need to download , install and use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for development. Solution You need to install Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 which provides the necessary compiler to compile and run your Java programs. Additionally , you can install any one of the following IDE’s by…

Java – How to convert a bool or string value to Boolean in Java ?

Problem Statement You need to convert a boolean value of string value to Boolean type in your java program. Solution Use the Boolean class’s constructor and pass the corresponsing parameter to change it. Below is the sample code snippet demonstrating how to do it. The output of the above program is Java Tutorials false false

Java – How to create BigDecimal from string value ?

Problem Statement You want to create a BigDecimal value from a string type in Java. Solution Use the BigDecimal class and pass the string value in the constructor to create the BigDecimal value as shown below. The output of the above program is Java Tutorials 198654586.297292792

Java – How to convert String to Double in Java ?

Problem Statement You want to convert a string value to double in Java. Solution You can use one of the three approaches to convert a string to double in Java. 1. Assigning the string to the constructor of the Double class 2. Using Double.valueOf 3. Using Double.parseDouble The output of the above program is Java Tutorials 76.2 String to double using valueOf 76.2 string…

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