Tools to Convert Java to C# Source Code

There are times when a developer would have done a project using Java and would want to reuse some of the data classes or business logic to C# for developing application on different platform.

Tools to Convert Java to C# Source Code

Below are some of the tools that can be used to convert the code from Java to C# .


This is a Eclipse plugin for developing for multiple platform using single code base.

Know more about Sharpen here


More information about XES and be downloaded from the EuclideanSpace website

Octopus .NET Translator

Octopus .NET Translator is a commercial product and offers not just java to C# but also java to native c++ , C# to VB.NET , VB.NET to C# translators etc.

It is based on the syntax parsers . The C# and VB.NET translations are based on the salamander decompiler and provides more accurate results.

Know more about Octopus .NET Translator here

Tangible Solution’s Java to C# Converter

The Java to C# Converter comes in both free version and the commercial version . The free edition of the Java to C# converts up to 1000 lines and code snippet conversions up to 100 lines everytime.

Know more about Tangible Solution’s Java to C# Converter here


  • Why convert to an inferior platform? Just curious.

  • I wonder whether these tools actually work, and if they do, how well they work! I mean can you feed it whole project in Java and expect the code to be translate to C# in seconds (or minutes)?

    In any case, I think that moving from Java to C# is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

  • There are java projects worth converting?

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