Azure Q&A #6 – Spending Limit and Resources Shutdown

Problem Statement

Assume that you have an Azure subscription that is linked to an Azure AD (Azure Active Directory) and has different resources group and a spending limit for the resources. You will need to ensure that when it reaches it spending limit, the compute resources gets shut down automatically.


You can use the spending limit in Azure as well as the Cost Management Budgets (Turn on the spending limits after removing) to do it.

The spending limit in Azure is a feature that prevents spending over the specified credit amount. The new users who sign up for Azure free account would have the spending limits turned on by default.

On the other hand, “Turn on the spending limit after removing” option in the Cost Management + Billing is a feature that is available only when the spending limit is removed indefinitely for subscriptions that has credits over multiple months. This feature is used to turn on the spending limit automatically for the next billing period.


You can read the Spending limit in Azure docs to know more about this.

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