C Program to find GCD of two numbers


Write a program in C to find the GCD of two numbers.

How to find the GCD of two numbers in C ?

GCD of two numbers refers to the largest integer value that can exactly divide both the number where the remainder is zero.

Here’s a program in C demonstrating this.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    printf("Abundantcode.com Coding Sample\n");
    int number1, number2, index, result;

    printf("Enter first Number: ");
    scanf("%d", &number1);
    printf("Enter second Number: ");
    scanf("%d", &number2);

    for(index=1; index <= number1 && index <= number2; ++index)
        if(number1%index==0 && number2%index==0)
            result = index;

    printf("Result = %d", result);

    return 0;


Abundantcode.com Coding Sample                                             
Enter first Number: 24                                               
Enter second Number: 18                                              
Result = 6

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