C Program to find if a character is a Vowel or Consonant


Write a program in C to check whether a given character is a vowel or consonant.

How to check if a character is a vowel or consonant in C Language ?

In English , the alphabets A, E, I, O and U are vowels and the rest of the characters are consonants.

Here’s a program that takes an input character from the user and finds if the entered character is a vowel or consonant in C programming language.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    printf("Abundantcode.com coding sample\n");
    char input;
    int lowercaseValue, uppercaseValue;

    printf("Enter an alphabet: ");

    lowercaseValue = (input == 'a' || input == 'e' || input == 'i' || input == 'o' || input == 'u');

    uppercaseValue = (input == 'A' || input == 'E' || input == 'I' || input == 'O' || input == 'U');

    if (lowercaseValue || uppercaseValue)
        printf("%%c is a Vowel.", input);
        printf("%%c is a Consonant.", input);
    return 0;


Abundantcode.com coding sample                                      
Enter an alphabet: A                                          
A is a Vowel