C Program to Swap two Numbers without using temporary variable

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Write a program in C language to swap two numbers without using temporary variable and display the result in the screen.

How to Swap two numbers in C without using temporary variable?

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
      double input1, input2;
      printf("Abundantcode - Swap two numbers without using temporary variable\n");
      // First number
      printf("Enter First Number: ");
      scanf("%lf", &input1);
      // 2nd Number
      printf("Enter Second Number: ");
      // Swapping without using temporary variable

      input1 = input1 - input2;
      input2 = input1 + input2;
      input1 = input2 - input1;

      printf("\nFirstNumber = %.2lf\n", input1);
      printf("SecondNumber = %.2lf", input2);

      return 0;


Abundantcode – Swap two numbers without using temporary variable 
Enter First Number: 1                               
Enter Second Number: 7                                 
FirstNumber = 7.00                                  
SecondNumber = 1.00

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