Top 10 Open source Full Text Search libraries

Are you looking at implementing the full text search with in your website ? . In this blog post , we will list out the top 10 open source full text search libraries which you can use in your website.

Top 10 Open source Full Text Search libraries

1. Lucene

Lucene is one of the most popular java based search engine library that offers real time search for the developers to include in their website. Infact most of the other libraries are built on top of Lucene. It comes with some interesting features like ranked search , powerful query types , wildcard queries, fielded searching etc.

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2. Apache Solr

Apache Solr is one of the popular and faster open source enterprise search platform built on top of Apache Lucene. Some of the features of the solr includes full-text search , hit highlighting , faceted search , dynamic clustering etc.

Apache Solr is considered to be  highly scalable. It is written in java and runs as a standalone full-text search server inside Tomcat. Underneath , solr uses the Lucene search library for full-text indexing and search and provides REST and JSON API’s.

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3. ElasticSearch

Another well known full-text search platform for the developers , ElasticSearch provides a distributed and highly available search engine and provides HTTP RESTful API as well as Native Java API. It is DOcument oriented and is also built on top of Lucene.

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4. Nutch

Nutch is an yet another open source web search software. Some of the main features of Nutch includes plugin support , ontology , clustering , MapReduce and supports many formats like plain text, HTML, XML, ZIP, OpenDocument etc.

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5. Open Search Server

Open Search Server is a kind of crawler and the search engine and comes with some powerful full text search algorithms. It is built on top of Lucene and is a stable and high performance search software. Additionally , it supports multi-languages indexing.

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6. MG4J – Managing Gigabytes for Java

MG4J stands for Managing Gigabytes for Java. It is a free full-text search engine for large document collections and is written in java. Its main feature is the powerful indexing , virtual fields and clustering etc.

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7. Apache Lucy

If you are looking at implementing the full-text search for dynamic programming languages , then Apache Lucy is one of the platforms to look out for.

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8. Bobo – Faceted search library based on Lucene

Bobo is another faceted search library which is based on Lucene. It provides the support to sort documents on fields that have multiple values and is used by LinkedIn.

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9. Ferret

Another informational retreival library which is built on top of Apache Lucene. It started off with the full port of Lucene and currently uses its own file format and indexing algorithm. It is one of thepopular search engine library for the Ruby.

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10. SenseiDB

SenseiDB is a search engine as well as database. You can query and navigate through the documents which consists of the unstructured text and well-formed structured data as well.

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Are you working on any other full – text search platform. Feel free to share them in the comments section.