Best Java Equivalent for LINQ (C#)

Published on November 15, 2013 by Senthil Kumar

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Last modified November 15, 2013

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LINQ Query and Lambda expressions are one of the popular features of C# which helped the .NET developers in many ways.

If you are a Java developer and wondering is there anything similar to this in Java ? ,this post will provide some insights on the additional APIs which could bring in the similar functionality

Best Java Equivalent for LINQ (C#)


Another Java integrated Query Library which add the SQL Query kind of syntax for the Java code.

Know more about jaque here


jpropel-light provides a a LINQ API with the functional style constructs and contains only LINQ, reified collections and utilities for arrays , strings , numerics , files , xml.

Know more about jpropel-light here


Coollection is another library that lets the developers to iterate an collection via Query like syntax. It is one of the coolest way to manipulate collections in Java.

Know more about Coollection here


Querydsl is a framework that allows the developers to construct type-safe queries . The Querydsl can be used formultiple backends including which includes JPA, MongoDB and SQL in Java etc.

Know more about Querydsl here


This is another open source library that brings in the SQL like query syntax to the Java applications. You can perform filter , project data on the collections.

Know more about quaere here

lambdaj library

The lambdaj library lets the developers to manipulate collections in a pseudo-functional and includes fluent interface collections etc.

Know more about lambdaj library here


jOOQ is a library that lets the developers to generate Java code from the database and then build type safe SQL Queries and access it from Java Code.

Know more about jOOQ here


linq4j is a port of Language Integrated Query (LINQ) to Java .

Know more about linq4j here

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