How to Include AngularJS Library in Web page via CDN ?

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If you want to use AngularJS library in a web page , we just have to point your script tag to the necessary AngularJS script file .

You can either download the AngularJS script file to your server and use it or else you can use the CDN(Content Delivery Network).

In this article , we will look in to the inclusion of the AngularJS in a web page using CDN.

How to Include AngularJS Library in Web page via CDN ?

Just add the below script in the head tag of your HTML page to start with.

<script src="">

Note that the version number of angularjs that is used in the above code snippet is 1.4.9.

Once this is done , use the np-app directive to tell the HTML page to kick start the AngularJS feature.

<body ng-app>

Below is a sample Html page using AngularJS

<script src="">
<body ng-app>
<p>Name : <input type="text" ng-model="name" placeholder="Enter the name"></p>
<h1>Hello {{name}}</h1>

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