Types of Strings in F# Triple Quoted , Verbatim , Normal

Published on August 5, 2014 by abundantcode

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There are 3 different types of Strings available in F#

Types of Strings in F#

1. Normal String

2. Verbatim String @

3. Triple Quoted String

Below is a sample code demonstrating these 3 different types of strings in F#

// AbundantCode F# Tutorials and Code snippets
open System
let main argv =
    // Normal String example 
    let string1 ="Windows Phone Tutorials with Abundantcode.com"
    // Verbatim string example
    let string2 = "Windows Store App tutorials with Abundantcode.com"
    // Triple Quoted String
    let string3 = """"Successful" Programming Website"""
    let retval = Console.ReadLine()
    0 // return an integer exit code

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