C Program to Find the Largest Number from the 3 Input Numbers


Write a program in C language that accepts 3 numbers as inputs and finds the largest among them and displays it on the screen.

How find the largest number among the three input numbers in C language ?

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    int input1, input2, input3;
    printf("Abundantcode.com Coding samples");
    printf("\nEnter number1 : ");
    scanf("%d", &input1);
     printf("\nEnter number2 : ");
    scanf("%d", &input2);
     printf("\nEnter number3 : ");
    scanf("%d", &input3);

    if( input1>=input2 && input1>=input3 )
        printf("%d is the largest number.", input1);

    if( input2>=input1 && input2>=input3 )
        printf("%d is the largest number.", input3);

    if( input3>=input1 && input3>=input2 )
        printf("%d is the largest number.", input3);

    return 0;


Abundantcode.com Coding samples                                  
Enter number1 : 87                                                  
Enter number2 : 54                                        
Enter number3 : 23                                          
87 is the largest number.

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