Grammars available for Speech Apps in Windows Phone SDK

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When implementing the speech recognition in the windows phone apps, we should use the predefined grammars to identify if the input is valid or not. There are generally 3 different types of grammars that can be used when implementing speech feature in your Windows Phone app.

Grammars available for Speech Apps in Windows Phone SDK

  1. Built-In grammars – There are 2 types of built in grammars available for the windows phone developers which are dependent on the Microsoft Cloud service.
    1. Dictation Grammar
    2. Web Search Grammar

      With the Built-in grammars, the developers need not worry about writing the grammar to implement the speech feature. The speech that is captured via the phone is sent to the Microsoft cloud service and processed and is ideal for short phrases.

  2. List Grammars – With the List grammars, the developers can programmatically define the phrase via List or array of strings within the app where each string in the array represents individual phrase that the app will accept.
  3. XML grammars – An XML based structure to define the grammars which can be used by the apps. The format of the XML is based on the SRGS (Speech Recognition Grammar Specification). The SRGS generally includes the phrases with rules and semantics.
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