Python Program to Compute Quadratic Equation

This Python program demonstrates how you can compute Quadratic Equation using a Python program when the co-efficients are defined.

The Formula for the Quadratic Equation in Standard Form is

ax2 + bx + c = 0

a,b,c are real numbers and A is not equal to zero.

How to Compute Quadratic Equation in Python ?

# Author :
# Python Program to Compute quadratic equation

# import math module in python
import cmath

a = 2
b = 5
c = 8

# calculate the discriminant
dis = (b**2) - (4*a*c)

minSol = (-b-cmath.sqrt(dis))/(2*a)
maxSol = (-b+cmath.sqrt(dis))/(2*a)

print('{0} and {1}'.format(minSol,maxSol))


(-1.25-1.5612494995995996j) and (-1.25+1.5612494995995996j)

Python Program to Compute Quadratic Equation

Following are the steps that we followed in the program.

  1. We have first imported the cmath module as we would need the complex math module to perform the square root.
  2. We then calculate the discriminant and then find the low and high values of the quadratic equaition.