REVIEW – Recover Excel Password with password-find Online

Forgetting passwords for an password protected excel or word document is one of the most common things that happens for a person. As long as the document is not that critical , it doesn’t matter , but there are times when you might want to recover the document that might contain important data.

You can easily recover the passwords of the documents with some tools that are available in the market and one such tool is the is an online password recovery service and does not require any installation. All that you need to do is upload your excel sheet and follow the steps shown in the wizard and you would see the unlocked excel file.

There are generally two options.

  1. The user can remove the password from the document.
  2. Start the password recovery operation if the user wants to know the original password.

During one of our tests , we tried the instant password removal option and it worked like a charm to unlock the document with-in few seconds (YES) , you heard it right . Just with-in few seconds.

The instant password removal is the unique feature that makes the only password recovery product that can unlock Microsoft Word 2007 / 2010 documents in a matter of seconds.

Looks like its the work of the supercomputer under the hood which recovers the password almost 1000 times faster than the average PC.

Its a paid service BUT the users can try out the demo service which shows the partial file data and on confirmation , the users can get the license key and unlock the full file.

You can know more about and tyry out their service from the below URL