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Json.NET & C# – How to Seralize an Object ?

One of the ways to serialize an object to JSON string in C# in the Json.NET is using the SerializeObject method defined in the JsonConvert method. The JsonConvert class provides an easy to use wrapper class and method over the JsonSerializer. How to Seralize an Object in C# using Json.NET ? Below is the sample code snippet demonstrating the usage of JsonConvert.SerializeObject method in C#…

Json.NET & C# – Installing Json.NET for C# projects in Visual Studio 2015

Json.NET is one of the popular high performance and open source JSON framework for the .NET Developers. It lets the developers to serialize and deserialize .NET objects and is considered to be one of the most popular .NET library. The first version of Json.NET was released sometime in June 2006 and now this library is used is most of the popular .NET open source projects…

Continue statement in Java

The continue statement in java lets the developers to skip the current iteration within the loop statements like for , while or do-while . As soon as the java compiler figures out the continue keyword in the code , it immediately skips the statements that follow the continue keyword and then proceeds with the next iteration. The break statement jumps out of the loop completely…

Break Statement in Java

Java provides the break keyword that is used by the developers to exit out of the loop before the actual completion of the loop. Additionally , the break keyword can also be used to jump out of a single case in switch statement. Break Statement in Java Below is a sample code snippet demonstrating the usage of the break statement in java.  

How to fill an array with default values in Java ?

If you want to fill an array with default values in Java , you can use the Arrays.fill method to do it . The Arrays.fill method lets the developers fill the empty array with the default values. How to fill an array with default values in Java ? Below is an example of the usage of the Arrays.fill method in java .

How to copy array and increase size dynamically in Java ?

Below is a sample code snippet in Java demonstrating the steps to copy the array elements to a new array and increase the size dynamically. The program using the Arrays.copyOf method which lets the developers to create new array with a new size as well as copy the content of the old array to it at the same time. How to copy array and increase…

Microsoft Band and Android(Java) – Connect to the Band

Below is the sample code snippet demonstrating how to connect to the first microsoft band that is paired using the BandInfo and BandClient object. How to Connect to the Microsoft Band from android application using Java ? How to get the list of paired bands from the android application using java.

Different Tabs in the Package Manifest file in Universal App

The package manifest file in the Windows Store App and Windows Phone app (universal app) lets the developers to describe some of the key information about the application like the name , necessary device capabilities that the app can use and the requirements for the device to install the app etc. The name of the file would generally be Package.appxmanifest. Different Tabs in the Package…

WP8.1 Dev Guide – Download and Install Windows Phone 8.1 SDK

To get started with the development of windows phone 8.1 apps , the developers should have the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK installed on their system . You can download Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows , a free tool that lets the developers to create Windows Phone and Windows Store apps, including universal Windows apps targeting all the Windows devices. The tools include the necessary…

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