COBOL Runtime Error Code – 225 Dynamic load error – program component m

In this post, you’ll learn about the COBOL runtime Error Code 225 and the reason why you are receiving it

COBOL Error Code :


Reason for this Error in COBOL

Dynamic load error – program component missing (Fatal) -The run-time system cannot locate the root or overlay of a program that is currently loaded in memory. Alternately, you have insufficient memory to load your program. Alternately, the run-time system could not find enough file handles to open and, therefore, load the code. -Either the library that contained the program has been canceled, or the program is no longer available on the program search path. Ensure that the program is available either on disk or on an open library. Either free some memory, use XM, or restructure your application so that it uses less memory. Increase your operating system file handles limit.

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